Weekly Analysis 4th Feb 08

GBP/JPY weekly analysis for the week starting 4th Feb 08.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Analysis 4th Feb 08
  1. Good analysis, im new to learning this style of trading. So far the only iffy part is determining what constitutes a break? Naturally its easy to determine it after the fact, but during or while its happening can be difficult.

  2. Hi Nick!
    Thanks for taking time making the weekly analysis. :)

    I probably watch your views 5-10 times to fully understand what you’re saying and what you’re not saying (=what I’m not understanding ;). I think to be able to trade the forex more or less following your ideas, we have to understand what you’re thinking when you draw lines. Understand when you comment or review a line.
    So yes, it helps a lot when you talk about what you see in your normal casual language (like in this video, and the others) ;)

  3. Great insight into how you trade. After watching your videos on the site and applying your trading system, i was excited to see where i was thinking of taking trades is exactly where you will be trading this week. Thanks you for the taking the time to post your videos.

  4. hey Nick, as always your analysis is well explained and to the point, thank you very much for all of your time and i look forward to another great week of trading.

  5. Thanks Nick for taking the time to explain the possible trades you would take this week. Your analysis is a great help, and helps me to not take trades when I shouldn’t, and to be patient and take trades with a good set-up.

  6. Thanks Nick: Your weekly analysis help me to confirm my S/R Lines as well as projected targets. Also a better understanding of how you use S/R Lines and targets. Have a GoodDay !!!!!!

  7. I will be watching these 2 areas closely this week. Keep up the great blog
    I will be following these real time pip by pip with 2-3 mini’s at a time

    let us know what you see next

    Thank you again

  8. Hi Nick,
    thankyou for posting your weekly analysis. It provides a good practical insight to your trading method.
    Hopefully you can find the time to post and update them regularly.

  9. Hi Nick,

    Great commentary, hadn’t been on site for some weeks as it was quiet over the holidays. Guess i start back now.

  10. Hey Nick:

    Two things are interesting

    1) Everyone is sucking up
    2) The simplicity of the way you trade makes it attractive to people who have little idea of what moves the market. I have been experimenting with trading the news last 2 weeks, everything was going massively well until I blew my account yet another time. So, for me it shall be demo (I know there’s nothing like trading your money, but I’ve make a promise to myself) not to use my real money again till I find a GOOD system – and the way you trade is a proven system I need to keep my eyes peeled on.

    Keep it comin’ mate! :)