Weekly Forex Trading Wrap-Up for GBP/JPY (Wk Strt 15/06/08)

Hey guys,

Not much to say just watch the video below for last weeks Forex wrap-up. I talk about USD/CAD and GBP/JPY trades. Check it out:

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Forex Trading Wrap-Up for GBP/JPY (Wk Strt 15/06/08)
  1. Thanks men got the scalp at 212.80 ,thanks to your trading method I new that line will be profitable I only got 40 pips because of the slow momentum

  2. very informative review this week. 212 was broken a few times this week, and you mentioned that with each break, the s/r becomes weaker but when does it become invalid? i believe that once invalid, it needs a bounce from that level to become valid again

  3. Hey Give me a break… Man you didnt seems to me of just 22. lol
    Thanks for your time Nick

  4. Hi Nick,
    For GBP/JPY, I noticed that a scalp line formed at 210.56 -> I was wondering why you didn’t take the trade when that line got broken shortly afterwards?


  5. Hey Nick,

    On the USD/CAD the break of the scalp 1.0152 was due to news so I didn’t take that trade (check out the 15 minute chart). it actually gapped down past the line and came back up then down.

  6. Victor »
    Hey Bluestar

    That was not a scalp line. I think you have the video course right? check out the info on scalp lines. I will release a small update today to explain a little better what to look for on scalps.