Weekly Market Analysis 09.05.2022 – 13.05.2022

Hello guys, welcome to this weeks market analysis where we cover the setups that we are looking at for the upcoming week.




Weekly trade ideas and analysis:



Our first pair of the week is going to be AUD/NZD. Here we see that the price is in a strong uptrend which plays directly into the trade that we want to take. 


We saw the price break a resistance area and is now making a pullback back into the area. If the price makes it all the way to the support area and forms bullish price action we’ll be looking for a potential continuation trade long. 



Similarly to our previous pair. The price is in a strong uptrend. We saw the price break the resistance area and are now waiting for a pullback along with bullish price action for a potential trade long. 



Our last setup is as well a potential trade long after a break of the resistance area. But here we are possibly at the beginning of a new uptrend after the long term downtrend is appearing to have ended. 

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Market Analysis 09.05.2022 – 13.05.2022
  1. Thank you for the analysis. There are 2 ways here – either waiting for bullish price action before taking these “with trend” trades. Does this mean waiting for pin bar / engulfing bar etc?
    The other way is to take trades at the levels without waiting for such so called “confirmations”. This would provide the best R/R although lower probability of success.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on both approaches.

    1. You are absolutely right. Both those ways are valid ways to play out this trade in my opinion.

      But, I am personally a more conservative trader, so I always wait for price action before entering the trade. Price action would be bullish candlestick patterns. As you have stated, that includes pinbars (Since they come in many shapes and sizes I call them ”long wick rejection candles”), engulfing patterns and even other candlestick patterns, tho I use other patterns significantly less.

      My thoughts on not waiting on such confirmations is that it is perfectly fine. The trade is more risky, but you don’t risk missing out on the trade and you get a better ratio. Is valid, just not my style of trading.

      I hope that answers your question.

    1. Thank you for your feedback!
      We appreciate your support and we’ll make sure to keep it up!