Weekly Market Analysis 20.06.2022 – 24.06.2022

Hello guys, welcome to this weeks market analysis where we cover the setups that we are looking at for the upcoming week.




Weekly trade ideas and analysis:



Our first setup of the week is going to be AUD/CHF. We see that the price has been trending sideways for a few months now, but we finally saw a break of the support area last week. We’ll be waiting for a pullback and a potential trade short if we get bearish price action.



This being another CHF pair we are seeing a similar situation here. The price finally broke the support area after trending sideways and now we are waiting for a pullback and a potential trade short. 



Our last setup is also a CHF pair. Again we are waiting for a pullback and a potential trade short after the price finally broke the support area. 


As you have noticed these are all CHF pairs with almost identical price action, we recommend that you either enter only one pair (Preferably the one with the best PA) or you spread your risk amongst all three of them. 

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Market Analysis 20.06.2022 – 24.06.2022
    1. Hey! I don’t completely understand what you mean. Do you mean an update on what happens with the trades? If so, then yes, we do post it, but in our Discord server.

  1. You seem to concentrate on cross pairs instead of major pairs. It is more lucrative and easy to predict it’s direction? Thank you.

    1. Hey James!

      We don’t only focus on major pairs because;

      1. The numbers of pairs we would trade would be very limited, meaning less trades. Especially because we use higher timeframes.

      2. Cross pairs that we trade are very much the same to trade as the USD pairs. We use the same trading strategy for them and they are equally profitable. I personally haven’t noticed any meaningful differences between them while trading them.

      Of course, different pairs have different characteristics, but not in terms of ”this one is better to trade than the other” but more in terms of…well, just different characteristics… .

      I hope that answers your question.