Weekly Market Analysis 29.08.2022 – 02.09.2022

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AUD/NZD Potential Trade: 

Last week, the price broke the resistance area. We are now waiting for a pullback back into the S/R area in combination with bullish PA for a potential trade long. 


EUR/CAD Potential Trade: 

We are looking for a potential short trade from this area after the price made a pullback. We’ll be waiting for more bearish PA before we enter the trade. 


EUR/HKD Potential Trade: 

We’re looking for a potential trade short here after the price broke the S/R area and formed a pullback with long-wick rejection candles. We’ll look for an entry on the 4h timeframe after the break of the trend line. 


EUR/USD Potential Trade: 

We can see that EUR/USD and EUR/HKD are identical charts. So the same applies to this pair as well. 


USD/DKK Potential Trade:

This pair is also identical to our previous two, except in reverse. That means that again, the same analysis applies.