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“Forex Mastermind”

For the first time ever, I will reveal how I use my Price Action strategy, trading psychology, and money management together to trade Forex profitably.

Best part: You can remove the complications and stresses from your trading…

…and learn my 3-step approach that:

  1. Shows you how to trade pure Price Action, indicator free, and stress free
  2. Gives you the exact techniques to master your trading psychology
  3. And most important, provides you with a money and risk management plan that you can scale while you grow your account

If you want to be a Forex trader, you will see how my simple approach can make you profitable… even if you are new to trading… even if the Forex market is currently kicking your butt… even if you have been trading for a while, but you’re only breaking even.

But don’t take my word for it…

3 Traders Who Became Profitable in Forex Mastermind

Until recently, I’m positive you’ve never heard about “Forex Mastermind”. Here’s why:

I wanted to make sure it worked. The price action side of things has worked for years, you have seen that course before. However, the trading psychology and money management, I needed to be sure it worked…

…And not only for me, but for other traders, part time, full time, and others who just trade for fun.

So instead of rushing to release this course, I spent 12 months, with countless hours of hard work with a student of mine who has turned into a professional trader, and we refined the entire process into a system.

And when people went through the course, here’s what happened…

“Want to thank you and send you an update on my trading performance. Since I completed your advance course in July 2015 I have not had a negative month yet. My understanding of price action is getting better and better each day. So thanks to you and the members of your forum, trading is become easy and understandable.”

- Jaco Engelbrecht, Full time Forex trader

“Nick’s course made a big difference in my life. I was really busy with college, so I almost gave up on trading. After I learned Nick’s system I was able to trade even when I was busy with college. I take most of my trades on my smartphone and they don’t require much attention, which allows me to only check them every few hours. I don’t always have time for my daily analysis, but I get emails from the forum about promising setups, so I can take those trades even if I’m busy.”

- Anna Pedersen, Medical Student

“When I joined the course I was already profitable with my trading in stocks and forex, but I wasn’t really earning enough from it to go full time. I wanted to turn my trading into my full time income, instead of just a side income, so I was looking for a way to help me with that. Since joining Nick’s course I have doubled my Forex income. I use Nick’s price action system for my stock account as well (with good results!), but modified of course. My earnings from trading are now enough for me to be able to switch to full time trading in 2016!”

- Michael Lundis, Technical Designer

I can’t guarantee that you will achieve the same results (or any results for that matter), because nobody can, and if they do, they are probably scammers. But, the techniques taught in this course have helped these traders become successful, profitable traders. And now, you can learn the same techniques.

While it sounds technical, it’s not.

“Forex Mastermind” is a unique, complete, and effective way to trade Forex, and it’s designed to make you an independently successful trader.

I will get to all those details in a minute.

But first, let’s start at the beginning…

Why I Hate Traditional Trading Systems, Trading Without a Plan, and Other Gimmicks

Hi, I’m Nick Bencino, founder of I’m the guy who first brought Forex Price Action to the internet back in 2006 and who has been teaching Price Action on forex4noobs for ten years now.

That’s why you will be surprised that, though I think using a Price Action based strategy is the best way to trade Forex successfully…

…It is not the most important part of trading.

Forex Trading is More Than Just Your Strategy

You see, if you want to be a profitable trader, you’ll need three things.

  • A solid trading strategy to find good trade setups, and enter them.
  • A solid risk and money management system for managing your trades and staying profitable.
  • A strong trading psychology to withstand the stresses, ups, and downs of trading.

And if you do not have all three of these things, your trading career is going to be tough.

You might not know this about me, but until two years ago, I had only mastered two of these things. My trading strategy has always been solid, Price Action really is the best way to trade.

My trading psychology has always been strong, as far back as I can remember.

But let me tell you…

My money and risk management was incredibly basic for a very long time. I was using a money management plan, I just did not realize how much better it could have been.

And my trading suffered as a result. I was still profitable, but I would have been a lot more profitable if I’d mastered money and risk management.

Ignoring Any of These Three Core Skills Will Make You An Inefficient Trader

The truth is that trading is not about mastering only one or two of these skills…

…A great trader has mastered all three of these skills.

So while I was profitable year over year, I was not trading at my best, and I was not happy about that. So I got to work.

Luckily for me I have a great community of real traders in my trading forum.

And one of them helped me to master my risk and money management.

It’s a pretty cool thing, because people join the forum as my students. I help them to master Price Action, and as they grow as traders I learn new things from them.

I really love that about the forum community.

And here is another thing I learned from the forum…

The 3 Types of People Who Trade Forex

As you can guess, it’s the complete traders, who have mastered all the core skill who are the most consistent, and the most profitable.

You can be profitable having only mastered two of the skills, I was for years. But when you master everything, that’s when you become a great trader.


If You Ever Felt Like This…

“I just don’t know when to enter a trade. I know all my rules, I set the setup, but I am struggling to find the confidence to actually enter”

“I panic when I am in a trade, and I make dumb decisions. I exit when price moves against me, then it turns back around and moves into profit, but its too late because I am out.”

“I find it hard to stay consistent, I win a few trades, then I lose all my profit. A lot of the times I lose more on losses than I gain on wins. I am stuck at break even.”

It’s because you’re missing one or more of the core skills you need.

And that’s a BIG problem.

Let me break it down.

You already know that most new traders fail, the common wisdom says 95%, but I would guess it’s more likely 75%. Out of the 75% who fail, at least half give up within the first six months.

The rest struggle along for much longer, breaking even most of the time. They jump from one trading strategy to another, but they never end up making it work. This may sound familiar to you, and if it does…

It’s because you are focusing on the wrong things.

Instead of focusing only on one or two of your core trading skills, you need to focus on them all, and master them all.

Your trading strategy, your trading psychology, and your money/risk management are ALL vital.

It doesn't matter how good your trading strategy is, if you have a poor trading psychology, you will let panic rule your decisions, and you will fail.

And that is the key.

Mastering ALL of the three core skills of trading.

There Are 3 Core Skills to Master In Your Trading (And You Need All of Them to Be a Great Trader)

I believe that this is the only way to be a great trader.

Remember when I said, if you want to be a profitable trader, you’ll need three things.

  • A solid trading strategy to find good trade setups, and enter them.
  • A solid risk and money management system for managing your trades and staying profitable.
  • A strong trading psychology to withstand the stresses, ups, and downs of trading.

That’s where “Forex Mastermind” comes in. Here is how it works…

The three core skills…

#1 A Trading Strategy: You need to master a strong, accurate, and easy to use trading strategy.

#2 Strong Trading Psychology: You need to have a strong trading psychology and control over your emotions.

#3 Solid Money/Risk Managment Plan: You must have a solid money and risk managment plan to maximize growth, and stay profitable through losing streaks.

And each of these skills is essential if you want to master Forex trading.

I’ll explain.

Skill 1: The Trading Strategy
You Cannot Trade Without a Great Strategy

Remember when I said that a trading strategy is not the most important part of trading? That does not mean you do not need a great strategy.

The only way to find good trades consistently is by using a great trading strategy. A great trading strategy is simple, stress free, and provides you with good trades regularly.

And that’s why you need to trade using price action. Price action keeps your trading simple, with no indicators, and minimal analysis. This also makes trading around a busy schedule much easier.

What makes “Price action” such a great way to trade?

Most people think trading Forex requires a lot of indicators and analysis…

…And it just doesn’t. Price action trading is simple, yet powerful way to trade the Forex market.

My price action strategy is broken up into two parts:

  • Advanced candlestick analysis.
  • Support and resistance areas.

Which means my charts end up looking something like this.

No indicators, no hassle, just nice clean charts and a nice short trade. This is a recent trade taken on GBP/USD. It took a total of 10 minutes to spot this trade, find an entry and a stop, set up a pending order, and trade it. Once the trade hit the limit order it was closed for 273 pips profit! Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

Trades like this happen every day across many currency pairs. With my price action techniques, you can spot and trade them too.

Price action is all about reading and understanding the movement of price. The benefit of reading and understanding price movement is that when you understand price you can predict with a higher degree of accuracy what it will do next. So in other words, you can read the market’s mind.

I know that sounds cheesy “read the market’s mind”

But it’s true, price is how Forex moves, and when you learn to predict what price will do next, you are reading the markets mind.

My advanced price action strategy will take you from a new or intermediate trader to a confident, accurate and consistently profitable trader.

Skill 2: Trading Psychology
Most People Never Master Trading Psychology and Without That, Trading is Impossible

Trading psychology is one of the hardest skills you will have to master as a trader. If you cannot control your emotions while trading, you cannot be a successful trader.

Do you ever find yourself doing any of these things?

  • Panic exiting trades, usually as soon as price stalls or retraces a little, only then for price to move in your original direction.
  • Getting nervous if you cannot find a good trade, and jumping into bad trades as a result.
  • Staring at your charts, but not being able to pull the trigger and enter a trade.

If you do any of those things above (and you probably do more than one) your trading psychology needs some work.

When you trade, you must do it with confidence. If you trade without having control over your emotions, you will make a lot of mistakes. And this is something every trader experiences, but only great traders overcome it.

But when you learn my “Forex Mastermind” course, you’ll learn how to keep control of your emotions. I won’t lie, it won’t be easy…

…You will need to work on it, you will need to follow the advice, and you will need to make use of the tools.

As long as you IMPLEMENT everything in the “Forex Mastermind” course, you will be able to master your trading psychology.

Skill 3: Money & Risk Management
Most People Skip This - And It’s A Shame Mastering This Can Make The Worst Technical Trader Profitable

After you have a great trading strategy, and strong trading psychology, you need to learn how to trade smart. And with money/risk management, you do just that.

The sad truth is, nobody teaches risk and money/risk management, not properly. And this is why most traders NEVER learn how to use it properly. They focus only on finding a good trading strategy, that’s it. When they have a good strategy they cannot trade it properly, why?

Because risk and money management are the key to being profitable.

Risk management allows you to quickly decide if a trade is safe to take, or too risky and should be avoided. Instead of staring at a trade for twenty minutes trying to decide if you should enter… risk management allows you to make a quick and consistent decision.

Money management allows you to quickly set your targets and stops, and stay within your maximum risk every time. This sounds easy… but money management will allow you to do something much better…

…Managing open trades is among one of the hardest things in trading. Should you exit? Should you stay in the trade? Should you adjust your stop? Should you move your target?

And that is where using money and risk management really becomes important. Maximizing your profits on open positions, and minimizing your losses. A lot of people think adjusting your stops and targets is guesswork, but it isn’t…

…It mostly comes down to math.

I know, I know, most people don’t want to do the math.

And that’s why “Forex Mastermind” has four calculators to help you set targets, stops, and manage your trades. So instead of doing the math yourself, the calculators will do it for you (quicker than a human can calculate it).

But this isn’t even all there is to money and risk management.

Money and risk management is important before you even look at your charts. As a trader you need to have a solid trading plan. You need to know beforehand:

  • What percent of your capital you are willing to risk per trade.
  • What percent of your capital you are willing to risk at any one time. (risk across multiple trades)
  • What your monthly account growth goals are.

These things are important to define before you start trading, because they keep you profitable. If you have a maximum risk defined, you know not to go over it. If you have monthly account growth goals defined, you are happy when you reach them.

And again, that isn’t all there is to money and risk management.

Have you ever wondered, after one or two good months of trading, if you are doing well or just lucky?

A thorough understanding of risk and money management allows you to assess your performance and answer that question.

This is vital if you want to figure out what you are doing wrong. Perhaps your winning streak was a statistical anomaly…

…It is better to know that now, than to be disappointed next month when your results are half as good.

There is a lot to money and risk management, I could talk about it for days.

The “Forex Mastermind” course will teach you money and risk management. It will also give you the tools you need to easily calculate your risk.


Introducing Forex Mastermind

“This is a proven blueprint for becoming a profitable trader.”

If you want to start making sense of Forex, master something you are passionate about, and Finally start trading profitably…

…Forex Mastermind is perfect for you.

You know the three core skills you need to master to become a great Forex trader.

  • A good trading strategy.
  • A strong trading psychology.
  • A solid risk/money management plan.

Inside this training, I share my simple step-by-step system for mastering these three core skills.

Yes, it will take a lot of hard work on your part, but you know what the benefits are.

So, if you want to master Forex trading, here is how Forex Mastermind can help…

  • Need to find good trades? My powerful “advanced price action strategy” will allow you to find trades quickly and easily. And not just any trader setups. Great trade setups with a high probability of hitting target.
  • Struggle calculating or simply picking good stops and targets? I’ll show you how to combine my trading strategy with the in-depth money and risk management techniques. This will allow you to pick great targets and stops (HINT: A good target is easy for price to hit, and a good stop is hard for price to hit).
  • Panic when you enter a trade? You’ll get the specific techniques me and other members use to manage our emotions during trades. And you won’t need to be a cold emotionless robot to do it.
  • Struggle with money and risk management? You’ll learn how to manage your risk and keep profitable even in a losing streak. There is a lot of math in risk/money management: Expectancy, % risk per trade, R ratios, and more. I struggle with math too, that’s why I share custom built calculators to do all the math for you.

Plus, I also share my advanced techniques for managing open trades… a simple way you can judge whether an open trade still has a chance at reaching target… and I’ll share how to handle trades which are unlikely to reach target.

It’s really that simple. You’ll never be confused as “what to do” because you’ll get a BLUEPRINT to become a great trader.

And if you need help, I have got your back.

I have joined online courses before for subjects I am interested in. It really makes me sad when the person who sold me the course cannot be contacted…because I am not like that.

Every single member gets my Skype, and my personal email. And I will help you troubleshoot any issues you have with your trading, or with implementing my strategies, and techniques.

Struggling to find the right trades? Not sure if your money/risk management plan makes sense? Need some feedback on your overall trading plan? Want my analysis on a specific trade you want to take today?

You’re one Skype message or email away from my personal help.

Here is what Tom has to say about my support via Skype:

“Best thing about Forex Mastermind is Nick. The videos and the forum are good, but the chats with Nick is what kept me from quitting Forex. I was spiraling down a seven trade losing streak, -8.3% down from my starting capital, ready to pack it all in. Nick talked me through the losing streak and spent hours to show me what I was doing wrong. I can’t say I am a real trader right now but I am confident and my account is +37%.”
- Tom May, Retired

**Tom did not want to share his picture, so I put in a picture of a cat instead. Tomcat, get it? :)... (I promise my trading is better than my jokes)

I like to get to know all of my students and help them become great traders. In fact, I regularly meet up with students when I travel. And I have built some great long term friendships from this course.

Plus, you’ll gain access to the private forum community of real Forex traders where you can ask for feedback, get trade alerts from me and other members, or maybe just have a chat about the stresses of learning to trade with people who have been there before.

This is important. Becoming a trader takes hard work and dedication. You will be knocked down a few times, it is inevitable… having a strong community to help you get on your feet again can be the difference between continued struggles - and lasting success.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what you’ll learn in each module…

The Forex Mastermind Forum

Struggling to decide whether a trade setup is safe to take? The simplest way is to ask fellow price action traders for some feedback. Share your trade to the forum and me or another trader will tell you if it’s a good setup.

The single best way to find trades is to scan your charts regularly and do your analysis. But sometimes you are too busy to do your analysis. In the forum, experienced traders (including me) share their trades before they take them. So you will be alerted about potential setups. WARNING: You cannot use this as an excuse to be lazy. You still need to do your own analysis… but it is nice to know there are hundreds of eyes scanning the same charts as you, and giving you a heads up about trades.

Managing open traders can be daunting if you are new. Is it a good idea to close the trade out early? Or should you hold onto it a little longer? Get advice from real traders on how to handle the trade.

Need feedback on your money and risk management plan? You can share your plans in the forum and real traders will look over them for you.

The best part of the forum is that you get to make trading friends who trade the same way you do. Finding a trading partner, or just have a chat with fellow traders, the forum community is awesome.

Module 1: Reading The Markets Mind

Struggling to find good trades consistently? In this module I reveal my “Advanced Price Action Strategy”. A simple, clean, and stress free trading strategy which uses no indicators, just price.

Advanced Candlestick Analysis: If you want to trade using Price Action, you’ll need to be able to read candlesticks. Without understanding candlestick analysis, you’ll be dead in the water. I’ll show you the advanced techniques I use to read candles, and predict (with a high degree of accuracy) what price will do next.

How to spot weaknesses in a trend using candlestick analysis. Indicators get you in after a trend starts, Price Actions gets you in as the trend starts. In this module I reveal my PROVEN techniques for spotting weaknesses and turning points in a trend.

Struggle to decide when to close a trade early, and when to let it run? I’ll show you how to analyze an open trade, and make an educated guess what price will do next. This way you can easily decide whether to close out, or stay in.

The DUMBEST mistake new traders make is to enter bad trades out of boredom. And I see traders doing this all the time. When the market is slow, experienced traders wait for good trades, inexperienced traders jump into bad trades. But I’ll ensure you know how to spot bad trades, and avoid them. (TIP: Spotting bad trades is only half the battle, the other half is psychological, which is covered in module 4)

Module 2: The Price Action Trading Strategy

The exact STEP BY STEP method for spotting, and placing highly effective support and resistance areas.

Good support and resistance shows you where price will stall, before price even comes close. Knowing where price will stall is invaluable for planning entries, and managing open trades. Would you enter a trade just below a major resistance area? NO, because price will probably stall at resistance… but if you don’t know that area is there, you won’t know not to enter.

Support and resistance is also used to enter trades. Where better to enter a long trade than at a major area of support? You know that support will likely stop sellers from selling and continuing down. This makes buying a whole lot safer. WARNING: You can’t just buy at any support area, there are other factors to consider, but support and resistance is one of those major factors.

Splitting your chart up into safe-to-trade sections, so you can easily analyze what is happening step by step. This allows you to analyze what the market is doing right now, if price will go up, down, or sideways.

The BIG mistake even experienced traders make. The sad thing is that it’s is so easy to avoid this mistake, and when you use what I call “Fluid Support and Resistance” you’ll NEVER make it.

A simple framework I use for placing support and resistance on a chart in under one minute. The truth is, the more time you spend placing support and resistance areas on a single chart, the worse your areas will be. Placing your areas quickly is key, and I reveal how to do this.

Module 3: Trading Price Action

How to use the advanced techniques from module 1 and 2 together to spot and enter awesome (and highly accurate) price action trades.

How to spot subtle Price Action cues at areas of support or resistance that suggest price will make a big reversal (and how to enter that reversal). This is the key to getting in at the start of a trend, and riding the trend until it stalls.

Placing Smart Stop Losses: There are dumb stop losses, and there are smart stop losses. A smart stop loss is set in an area in which price will have a very hard time reaching. If your stop loss is easy for price to reach, it will be hit easily! I reveal my simple technique for placing smart stops that price will struggle to reach… without making the stop way too big.

Placing Smart Targets: If your stops are hard to reach, your targets need to be easy to reach. You do not want price to struggle to hit your target, turn around, and head back to your stop (you have probably had this happen before). I show you how to use Price Action to place smart targets, which price can easily hit.

Knowing when not to trade is as important as knowing when to trade. In this module I show you how to handle trading around news releases, and other events. I also show you the best days to trade, and the days and times you are best off avoiding.

Analysing your charts for trade setups can be time consuming. But I have an easy way to analyse five, ten, or even twenty pairs in under ten minutes. And you won’t need any special tools or software products other than your normal charts.

Module 4: Mastering Your Trading Psychology

The inner game: Most traders never master the inner game. And it really is sad, because if you cannot control your emotions, even the best trading strategy is useless in your hands. In this module I show you how to control your emotions, how to harden your trading psychology, and how to be a great trader.

Greed will kill your account quicker than anything else. And the scary thing is that many traders don’t realise when they’re being greedy. Locking in partial profits too early is a sign of greed, and it will limit your accounts growth. I reveal my techniques for fighting greed, and sticking to your targets. (And I also share a simple little bit of math that you can run on your recent trades to see if you could have had smarter targets)

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions a trader will have to fight. I share my techniques for controlling fear, and becoming a fearless trader.

Trading Plan: Opening a trade without a plan is one of the biggest mistake a trader can make. Having a plan for each individual trader keeps you on track, keeps you focused, and it helps to stop you from making rash decisions. In this module I share my personal trading plan template, and explain how to use it.

Trading Journal: Tracking each individual trade will help you to identify the mistakes you are making. Imagine you take 50 trades but do not achieve the results you want. How do you figure out where you are going wrong? Well, that’s why I share my trading journal template, in the template you write down all the important aspects of the trade… This will give you some solid valuable information to refer to in 50 or 100 trades time when you want to assess your performance.

Module 5: Money & Risk Management

Risk Management: New traders focus on how much they can win, professional traders focus on how much they can lose. Trading is a survival game, you need to be able to survive losing streaks, preserve your capital, and never get wiped out. And you do all of this by managing your risk. In this module Viet (the guy who taught me this stuff) teaches you about risk management.

Risk Minimization: In module 4 you learn about trading journals and why they are important. In Module 5, you learn how to use the data from your trading journal to minimise risk on future trades. Risk minimization will help you to grow your account faster. You’ll learn the techniques I use, and get the tools I use to minimise my risk.

Risk Management on Open Trades: Risk management does not stop when you open a trade. You need to manage your risk before and during a trade. In this module you’ll learn how to manage risk on open trades (HINT: Tightening your stop at the right time minimizes risk on an open position).

Money management: “Cut your losses early and let your winners run” is something a lot of people say… but how exactly do you do that? We will show you his exact FRAMEWORK you can follow to learn when and how to cut your losses short.

Struggling to know exactly how much you should risk per trade? We show you how to calculate the perfect risk per trade for your own account.

If you want to take your trading one step further, and manage multiple accounts… we reveal advanced money and risk management techniques you can use to manage risk across multiple trading accounts. This will allow you to boost profits, while limiting losses even further.

The Bonuses

And believe it or not, you’ll also get…

Bonus #1: Weekly Price Action Webinars

Every Sunday, I will hold a live price action webinar. The webinar is always recorded, and posted to the site within 24 hours.

In the Sunday webinar we discuss the previous weeks trades, I break down my trades, and take a look at your trades if you want to share… took a failed trade? Ask me about it and I can tell you where you went wrong (or if it was just an unlucky trade).

We also take a look at the upcoming week. If there are any promising trade setups for the upcoming week we take a look at them and create a trading plan for them.

Bonus #2: Support & Resistance Areas

You have probably already seen my support and resistance areas page. On the page I share my support and resistance areas for six pairs. But as a member, you get access to extra support and resistance areas. You will usually find areas for twelve or more pairs in the support and resistance section.


Your investment in this training is backed by a 60-Day “Try The Whole Course” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you enroll in the course today, you have a FULL 60-days to go through the course 100% risk free. If you feel as if the course just didn’t work for you, email me, and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back.

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