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How to Become a Master Forex Trader

Hi, I’m Nick Bencino, and in these three days of FREE LIVE TRAINING, I’ll reveal my EXACT step-by-step process you should use to master Forex.

There is a huge difference between an average trader and a master trader.

When I first started trading I focused completely on the trading strategy, like most traders. However, I soon realised there is more to Forex trading than having a good strategy. Don’t get me wrong, a good strategy is vital, but if you lack the ability to manage your risk, and if you lack strong trading psychology…

You will still fail!

That is why in these upcoming three days of Live Training, I will show you how to master the Three Core Skills of trading.

Day 1 – Price Action Strategy (July 29th 7:00pm UK)
How to Use Price Action to Take Awesome Trades

On day one I will reveal my powerful price action trading strategy. I use this strategy every day to spot and trade awesome setups, like last week’s USDJPY short which I shared on my YouTube and Facebook.

my facebook usdjpy trade

My price action strategy is simple, but it produces amazing results, and I am going to teach it to you step-by-step on July 29th!

Day 2 – Risk Management (July 30th 7:00pm UK)
How to Maximise Profit and Minimise Loss

Learning my strategy will help you spot trades, but what about trade management? That’s where learning to manage your risk comes in. On day 2 I am going to show you…

  • How to tell the difference between an awesome trade, and a risky trade.
  • How to increases your chances of profiting from risky trades.
  • How to limit losses from risky trades and maximise your gains from good trades.
  • How to extend good trades beyond their original target.
  • How to deal with losing streaks.
  • And much more…

Day 3 – Trading Psychology (July 31st 7:00pm UK)
How to Trade With Confidence

Trading psychology is often ignored by new traders, to their detriment. Without strong trading psychology, you cannot be a profitable trader. It does not matter how good your strategy is, it doesn’t matter how good your risk management is, if you do not control your emotions, you are done for.

On day 3 I will show you…

  • The five most critical psychology mistakes new traders make.
  • How to counter those five mistakes and take control of your trading.
  • How to trade in a way that limits psychological mistakes.
  • How to spot bad habits and get rid of them
  • And much more…

So, join me for this FREE LIVE TRAINING.

This will be a live webinar event. If you cannot attend the live event, click the button above for instructions on how to access a recording. The recording will be released a short while after the event.

Let’s get real…

Forex is not easy, and despite what you read on Facebook, you will not make a lot of money fast. Being a profitable Forex trader takes a good strategy, a strong trading psychology, and a thorough understanding of risk management. I have spent years mastering these skills, and I believe every trader needs to master them… and that’s why I am happy to share them with you.

Why are these skills so important?

Well think about it…

  • If you have a great strategy and nothing else, you might be able to find great trades, but how do you manage them?
  • You might be able to take great trades, but how do you keep from panicking when the trade goes slightly against you?
  • You might have great risk management, but if your strategy is horrible, how do you find good trades to manage?
  • You might have great trading psychology, but if your strategy doesn’t work, how can you be profitable?

You get the idea, you need all three of these skills working in harmony in order to be a great trader.

And I will show you how in my live session.

There is nothing more powerful in trading than mastering the three core trading skills, and I can’t wait to show you how.