The "Step by Step" Course to Trading Forex the Right Way

If you struggle with your trading, this free course will provide you with the exact structure you should follow to be successful.

Free Forex Course

What is the free Forex trading course?

Getting started in Forex can be pretty tough.

There is a lot of information and guidance available to you online, but little direction.

From countless strategies and bad advice, there is no knowing where you might end up.

But I am here to help you find your place in the Forex world.

I am Nick Bencino, the founder of Forex4noobs, and I am sharing my free video course with you. I believe that every trader has a unique style of trading, so it is important to see if Price Action trading suits you!

In this video course, you will learn:

  • The three golden rules of Forex
  • How to put together a detailed trading plan
  • How to calculate and manage risk with a money management plan
  • Tips & tricks of trading
  • How to find the best broker for you
  • How to create and keep a trading journal

All of this is available to you for free. You just need to click the button below, enter a username and email, and you can start straight away!

Want more information on the Video Course?

I designed the free video course to teach new traders how to start trading quickly and effectively. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure Forex out on your own, this course draws on my own experience and the thousands of Forex4noobs students’ experiences.

  • Create a Trading Plan: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In the video course, I show you how to craft a trading plan that is suited to your style. I make the process easier by providing you with a template for a trading plan.
  • Create a Money Management Plan: Money management is one of the most important aspects of maximizing your profits as a trader. I will show you how to create your own money management plan as well as sharing some advanced templates so you can create your plan instantly.
  • How to find a great broker: You need a broker that suits your trading style if you are to have any chance at success in Forex trading. I will show you how to find the best broker for you. Even more importantly, I will show you how to avoid the untrustworthy brokers.
  • Create a Trading Journal:Keeping a trading journal is the most effective method of learning from your past successes and failures. This will significantly reduce your learning curve time and your losses in the long-term. I will show you how to keep a simple, yet highly optimised trading journal.