Trade Any Time Frame in MT4

MT4 is the world most popular Forex trading platform for retail traders. MT4 is so popular because of it’s vast and impressive feature set, it has almost everything…

… One of MT4′s biggest drawbacks is that it only supports nine chart time frames. These time frames are M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN. While most people are happy with these time frames many traders, including me, are starting to explore other chat time frames. For example, this year I started trading the H8 charts and it has fast become my favorite time frame.

8 Hour Charts

Since early 2012 I have been trading the H8 charts. I have found set ups on this time frame to be incredibly accurate. I have had a higher percentage of profitable trade on the H8 than I have had on the 4H or D1 this year. The problem is that people who use MT4 do not have access to this awesome time frame. Until now….

MT4 Period Converter

The MT4 Period Converter is a indicator that allows you to create charts of any time frame in MT4. You can create H8 charts, M181 charts, D3 charts and any time frame that is a multiple of one minute.

How it Works

This indicator takes a standard chart time frame and multiplies it to create a different time frame. So if you take an H1 EUR/USD chart and multiply it by eight you will have an H8 EUR/USD chart. You could also take an H4 GBP/USD chart and multiply it by two to get an H8 GBP/USD chart.

Download & Usage

Download the indicator here.

  1. Install both files in the MT4 indicator file.
  2. Open a one hour chart if you want to convert to higher hourly TF.
  3. Drag the indicator onto the chart.
  4. In the parameters box of the indicator you will see a ‘period multiplier’. The number in here is what the current chart is multiplied by. For an H8 chart put in the number 8. If you choose to apply the indicator to a H4 chart then to get an H8 you need to type 2 into the period multiplier field.
  5. Go to ‘file’ on the top left of MT4.
  6. Find an option called ‘offline chart’. Don’t worry about the name, the charts are not actually offline, they are live.
  7. Scroll down in the list of files and find the chart you want. For this example it would be an H8 chart.
  8. Click on it and the new 8 hour chart will open.

Remember, offline charts update like normal charts. I am not sure why they are called ‘offline’.

If you found this article helpful or require any assistance at all leave a comment below.

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  • tamselafx says:

    may God always bless you success, healthy, n wealthy.
    thanks its very useful man!
    indonesian trader

  • Alexis says:

    works great–Thank you
    All I have to do, is set up a profile of 8 hr charts

  • Ehsan Shaikh says:

    owwwsome brother

  • Groucho says:

    I wish that I had read this before going to MT5, however, there is nothing that I used on MT4 (except time frames) that isn’t available om MT5.

  • naveen says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the indicator. It is working perfectly for me.

    Naveen from India.

  • william says:

    Ive tried to install it but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  • tpa says:

    Offline does not update.

  • Jean-Charles Savard says:

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to adapt the beginnings of the H8 bars to something else that MT4 is proposing… For example, the first bar of the day (00:00) on MT4 is at 17h00 my time (I’M GMT -5). I would like it to start be 6 hours later, at 23h00… Do you think it’s possible to displace or choose the beginning of a H8 Bar?

  • Rob says:

    Clear instructions well done. Choosing a time frame to suit my working day offers great promise.

  • leehom04 says:

    Why my 8hour time frame is freeze and didnt move in a single move… please help

  • Nihal Bhat says:

    longer timeframe the better i conclude. bigger trends.

  • Kofi says:

    Hi, Nice timeframe the 8hr is but it seems it’s frozen. Nothing seems to be working like Jerry said. How do we go around this problem. Thanks.

  • jerry says:

    My platform is stuck. How do I get rid off the offline window? Nothing is working when I click. thanks

  • Scoobyd00 says:

    Just found this blog and downloaded the indicator. Even though I’m still a noob who hasn’t started trading live yet, this looks like it’s gonna be useful. Thanks Nick!

  • Saba says:

    nice work. its smooth only that it stood alone separate from other time-frames

  • memie says:

    already download to mt4, but seem its’ nothing happen, anyone help???

  • Nihal Bhat says:

    yes. i am thinking of trading 10min charts for a short term strategy, and an 8 hour strategy that you mentioned for a swing trade strategy.
    i dont like the standard timeframes anymore. 1,5minute are ridiculous as they are too short, too noisy in the long run. and 4hr is just not long enough. 8 hours is perfect, but not too long.

  • hardik says:

    thnak you sir. :)

  • Vaibhav says:

    Thanks for good information. Pls. let me know that EA will work on that chart or not?

  • James says:

    It seems like an indicator like this could be used to change the chart time zone. Could it?

  • James says:

    when should 4 hour bars start and end. Forex brokers don’t seem to be consistent?

  • Shawn - Sg says:

    Mr Nick

    You are very kind enough to share what you have experience to be good. Thank you very much.

  • MT4 says:

    This indicator is very good and useful.

  • mns1973 says:

    This indicator is very nice
    Thank you tooooooooooooooo mutch

  • JR says:

    Why not just use MT5 as the 8 hour is a native time frame and is very stable

  • Cking says:

    I have set a special profile for the H8 but unfortunately, the data doesn’t update. The candles is not updating. Does anyone has the solution? Thanks

    • GBM says:

      I think you have to maintain the chart you used to open the H8 chart (eg. you use H1 multiplier 8 to get H8. don’t change the H1 chart to other time frame. if you change time frame, your H8 chart will not update) but once you return it to H1 chart, your H8 chart should auto update.

      • Cking says:

        Hi, tried that but no update. What I did was open a pair chart ( comes up MT4 original chart). Moved the “period converter” to the chart. Go to File and Open Offline and select the pair H8. Another MT4 original chart opens up with H8, Change the chart to my own template ( with MA). Now I have 2 tabs/charts, one the H1 (MT4 original H1 chart and another my own template. As time go by, the H8 is not updating. Am I doing something wrong. Please advise. Thanks

        • Cking says:

          All is okay now. Thanks, My mistake.

        • GBM says:

          oh, don’t change your template because the period converter will disappear if you change your template. if you want, save the period converter on all your templates. To know if the period converter is saved in your MT4 template : press CTRL-I (or right click mouse then choose INDICATOR LIST) and check if your PERIOD CONVERTED is in the list. :-) Hope this helps “-)

          • John Morrison says:

            Forgive me, I’m still missing a step. How do I add the indicator to my custom template? I had the same experience a Cking, but didn’t “get” the solution as he did. Thanks.

  • Chuka Madu says:


  • huat says:

    Finally an 8hr on the MT4 – thanks heaps Nick. You can save your charts in different profile names: go to File – scroll down to Profiles – scroll to Save as – type in your preferred name – and you can then switch easily from one custom profile to the next without having to customize your charts each time.

    • Chuka Madu says:

      not sure I undertstand good. I tried what I thought u meant without success. I saved h8 with EU for instance and wanted to open the h8 template on a new GU. would that be what u meant?

  • stephane says:

    Geat job, Nick. Thank you

  • Phil says:

    Works great! I like 8 hour charts – more or less 1 session for 1 candle. To Roxy: Make your 8 hour charts for all the pairs you’re interested in, then save the view as a Profile – call it 8 hour charts or something – then you can quickly flick between different profile to open up the 8 hours charts and the regular charts.

  • Bili says:

    Great tool. Only now I’m missing is to get 5d/ week (5 candles) in daily charts

  • Dean says:

    Thanks Nick,

    As usual, you come through with something completely cool. I will definitely be checking it out.

  • Brett says:

    This is so cool. Thanks!!

    I am logged in but cant post. using FF

  • Don says:

    Thanks Nick this works great, thats one thing dealbook has going for it, the different interesting time frames

    • Nick says:

      Dealbook has a few things going for it. However, it is a slow and clunky platform. I tried MT5 today and it blows Dealbook and MT4 out of the water…

  • Roxy says:

    It works fine for me. Only problem is to get back to the “regular” MT4 charts you then have to hit “new chart” and while you are in the “custom time frame” chart you can’t move to the other time frames.

    • Nick says:

      Somebody suggested above to create an H8 profile. Unfortunately this indicator is the only way to get H8 on MT4. I am going to start trading with Alpari though, that way I can use MT5 which comes with H6, H8 and H12 by default.

  • Edward Watson says:

    Thanks but constantly crashed my platform after installing so had to uninstall

    • Nick says:

      That is strange. Worked fine for me. You should try to update your platform. Also, remove all other custom indicators and test…. there may be a conflict.