Forex Education

New to Forex and want to start your Forex education? This free course has all the information you need to start your Forex trading journey!

If you are new to Forex or just want to get a clearer understanding of the basics, you are in the right place! This is your first step towards mastering Forex and Price Action.

I have organised the last 20 years of my trading experience into this beginner’s course. Your time is valuable, so I have specifically designed this course to be efficient, easy-to-understand, and thorough. There are a lot of basic trading guides out there and compared to others this one may seem a little shorter.

That is intentional though, I do not want to waste your time teaching you useless stuff that will not help you with your trading.

I want to teach you only the Forex basics that you need to know in order to learn Forex and progress to more advanced courses. Depending on your knowledge of Forex, you may be able to skip certain sections.