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Forex price action analysis – May 19th 2015

It has been a little while since I shared my analysis. The last few weeks have been busy, I was away on holiday in Belgium for a while, and I did not get a chance to post analysis. I am back now, and I won’t be on holiday again for a few months.

Before I start with today’s analysis, I want to make an important announcement…

… On Thursday the 28th of May,

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Forex price action analysis – April 21st 2015

I took a bit of a break again last week, this time it was for my birthday. April tends to be a busy month for me so I do not get much trading done. However, I am back for two weeks before I set off to Belgium in early May.

So, let’s dig in to this weeks analysis and see what has changed.

Key Support & Resistance Areas This Week

GBP/AUD: GBP/AUD just keeps on giving us great trades.

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Forex price action analysis – April 8th 2015

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. This year, I decided to extend my Easter holiday by a day; so, I’m only getting back to trading today.

Honestly, I haven’t really looked at the charts much this week, so I’m not sure if there’s been any trades yet. A few people in the forum entered a GBP/USD trade on Monday, however, things have been pretty quiet since. This is normal though, my strategy doesn’t give us many trades until Wednesday and Thursday.

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Forex price action analysis – April 1st 2015

We have had a mixed week so far, some good trades, some bad trades, but nothing terribly exciting. However, the week is still young, things don’t often take off until Wednesday and Thursday with my strategy.

So, should we be gearing up for an awesome Thursday? Probably not…

… This Thursday might be boring as it is NFP (Non-Farm Employment Change) week, price action can be sluggish on NFP week.

Support and Resistance Areas

To make use of the analysis below,

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Forex price action analysis – March 22nd 2015

I have had a busy few weeks with the recent webinar on support and resistance. Now that things have quieted down I can get back to doing the weekly analysis. First, let me explain how this analysis works.

Support and Resistance Areas

I use my own support and resistance areas along with some very specific candle patterns to take awesome reversal trade…

… I explain my strategy in detail in the Forex price action strategy section.

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Forex Price Action – How to Place Support & Resistance Areas

Placing support & resistance areas using price action

Last week I held a webinar on placing support and resistance areas in Forex. As usual with my webinars, it was not flashy or scripted. I just opened my charts and talked about price action.

Overall the webinar went well and I was able to place support and resistance areas on four pairs. I was able to share a lot of good tips.


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This is why I love trading GBP/AUD so much….

For the last few weeks I have been featuring GBP/AUD in my Forex price action analysis. Why am I featuring such an obscure pair?

… Because it constantly gives me easy and profitable reversal trades.

This weeks GBP/AUD price action reversals

Over the course of two days we got two very similar reversal setups at the 1.9775 resistance area on GBP/AUD. The setups are highlighted in yellow below.

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Forex price action analysis – February 25th 2015

First off, I want to say a quick sorry for not answering last week’s questions in the comments’ section and for not posting about the webinar. I ended up being really busy last week so I was not able to post.

The webinar I originally planned for Monday, March 2nd will be on Thursday, March 5th. I will post details about the webinar tomorrow.

So, let’s get started with today’s analysis.

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Forex price action analysis – February 18th 2015

As this week started with a US bank holiday I decided not to trade until Tuesday. When Tuesday came along things were quiet apart from a small EUR/USD setup so I decided to skip trading until today…

…So, let’s kick of this rather short trading week with some analysis.

GBP/AUD Analysis

We already had a reversal trade from GBP/AUD this week. However, the trade was helped along by news, so I did not trade it.

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Forex price action analysis – February 9th 2015

Over the last year GBP/AUD has become one of my favourite pairs to trade. GBP/AUD is very consistent and as it is a fast moving pair the trades are usually worth a lot of pips.

So in this analysis and in much of the analysis in the coming months I will be covering GBP/AUD.

GBP/AUD Analysis

GBP/AUD is currently at highs it hasn’t seen since 2009. Since the pair is at five year highs I have no resistance areas beyond the 1.9600 level.

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