Setups on USDJPY and GBPAUD (Analysis 2018-06-05)

In today’s analysis we have a great setup forming on USDJPY. Price is currently at resistance and is showing a great potential short entry. Getting in on this retrace may give a great trade! I have sent this video out immediately so make sure you go check out USDJPY ASAP! GBPAUD has not yet given us a setup but it is approaching resistance. There is potential for this pair to stall at resistance and give us a short trade. Keep an eye on it!

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2 thoughts on “Setups on USDJPY and GBPAUD (Analysis 2018-06-05)
  1. Hi Nick,

    I prefer to trade with 1-hour chart. I can’t make a consistent profit while I wipe out an account. Can you help me out to get it.

  2. Around my second week of trading a demo account. I entered on the AUD/USD, probably a little too late? at 0.7632 with SL at 0.7669 and TP at 0.7584. It looks as though it reversed around 0.7612. To be honest it wasn’t a trade I was entirely comfortable with so narrowed my SL & TP. See how it goes. Either way just happy to move on to another trade. Am keeping a journal. Thanks for your time Nick.