Failed G/Y Short – Part 2

Hey Guys,

The video below is part 2 to last weeks video on the failed break of the 41.85 constant line. In the previous video I discussed in detail how I used indecision candles to trade a reversal and offset a major portion of my losses. In part 2 I am going to discuss.

  1. How I traded the second break of the line and got a winning trade.
  2. How to handle the second break of a constant line.
  3. The dangers and drawbacks of these techniques.

The video is short but hopefully it helps.

The video below is PART 2 watch PART 1 first by clicking here.

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5 Responses to “Failed G/Y Short – Part 2”

  1. Ah the second video I’ve been waiting for.
    “Constant lines revisited”
    Well explained trade and recovery trade dealing with price action around constant lines.
    Noting the new low created by the break which invalidated, at least temporarily the constant line.
    Much appreciated insight – thanks Nick!

  2. @six gun:

    Thanks man.


    I didn’t wake up to take that break I was just awake when it happened. In the past I use to wake up fro trade but to be honest I do not do that anymore.