Forex Price Action Analysis – 2017-09-06 (USDCAD & EURGBP)

In today’s analysis I spot price stalling on strong areas on USDCAD and EURGBP. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will get trades there but price stalling on areas means a trade might form soon.

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6 thoughts on “Forex Price Action Analysis – 2017-09-06 (USDCAD & EURGBP)
  1. I am just wondering if you spot a setup on the 8hr or 4hr chart, will you enter immediately when the candle is crossing the previous candle, or will you wait until the candle closes?


    1. Rather than answering the question and having you blindly jumping into trades without understanding the strategy, I’m going to refer you to my free course and this playlist. Your question shows that you don’t really have an understanding of how trading works, so I think it’s best that you go through the basic information

  2. Sir, may I know how did you draw the horizontal line with shaded area in tradingview? It looks so neat and beautiful!