Free Video Course Out Tomorrow

Hey Guys,

It’s finally time for the free video course to be released. Tomorrow, Monday the 3rd of January, I will be opening the registration page. If you are already on the early bird list then you’ll receive an email tomorrow afternoon with the details on how to access the free Forex course.

Here’s how this course will work. The course will be split into three modules. One module will be released each week. The first module is out tomorrow, the second will be released on the 10th of January and the third on the 17th of January. The modules will be split up as follows:

Module 1 – The Basics

Hey, ever wanted those 3 important trading rules to guide you from new trader to being a successful trader. Well those are included!! Along with, how to find the perfect broker for you. You gotta know what to look for in a broker and how to spot scam brokers straightaway.

Module 2 – Writing a Trading Plan

I show you how to build an advanced and dynamic trading plan and money management plan. I go through everything in great detail and even give you my plan as a sample. I also give you a Microsoft Word template so you can easily create your own plan.

Module 3 – Creating a Trading Method.

I will teach you how to build a killer trading method. A good trading method should have several ways to make pips. So, I explain how to meld several techniques together. I also explain how to make your trading method dynamic.


I will be releasing several bonus downloads with this course. To start with you will find a bonus MT4 indicator. It will be a simple yet effective MT4 alarm indicator. There will be more indicators to come and some other very cool bonuses.


I will also be releasing articles over the next three weeks. These articles will include trading techniques that you can add to your own method.

Everybody on the early bird list will get access tomorrow. If you want access to this amazing free material and future features from forex4noobs then please sign up to the early bird list below. This is your last chance to get on the early bird list and gain access to all the extra rewards.

Sorry Guys Registration Is Currently Closed

Hope you enjoy the course.

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18 thoughts on “Free Video Course Out Tomorrow
  1. Hi Nick
    happy new year. i have always admired your teachings and credibility. i am watching your VIP vidoes. i must say it is very good. still , i have had some problems in the basics about creating a trading plan and how to calculate the operation on mini and standard accounts. i hope your new video will explain these things in a different way.
    thanks again Nick and in case i dont see you. good after noon , good evening and good night :)

  2. Hi Nick

    Happy newyear and thanks for being that unique person you are. Always doing good for others, I truly appreciate!

  3. Yet again you stand out from the endless gurus who are trying to flog you something incredible. Your enthusiasm is overwhelming, enlightening and FREE. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity for the years ahead.
    Many thanks

  4. Happy New Year Nick!! And thank you again for all your help and dedication in providing all these great resources for our trading success. Many, many thanks!!

  5. Hiya Nick, I’m registered in the early bird list but seems haven’t recieved email monday today on how to access the course, hope you can help, thanx and a happy new year ^^

  6. Nick, 1001 thanks for this new course! … I wish you and yours a lucky and healthy new year, greetings from Hamburg/Germany, Dietmar :)

  7. Hey Nick, Happy New Year to you !!!!

    Why I did not receive the link if I am in the list ???

    Is there a way that I can have it ?



  8. Hi Nick
    I too signed up to the early bird list for the course….wondering if I can still get it now ?….happy new year and look forward to learning more about your methods as some of what your saying is starting to sink in…

  9. will you reopen the registration for the free video course? i would like to see it
    read you e-book, very good stuff