GBP/JPY 212.00 break update

Hey guys,

This 212.00 break was just close at around the 212.20 level. Looking at the price action it just doesn’t look like we have any strong momentum behind this one. So I am out early. So if your following my analysis, you should consider exiting too.

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4 thoughts on “GBP/JPY 212.00 break update
  1. Hi Nick,

    I wish to attempt your analysis. I seem to miss the trade a lot. Like the one today.

    My question is, do we use the same S+R to enter/exit if we have missed?

    And also, can we trade the same S+R repeatedly during the week ?

    You are a great analyst, keep it up.

    Thank you Nick.

  2. Hey Adam and Pete

    Go to the main site there is a lot of info about how I trade there. Check out the forum especially the ‘new to forex4noobs?’ forum section and the videos page. Also please ask any question about my method in the forum not in the blog comments.