GBP/JPY Live Reversal Trade Video (+45 pips)

Hey guys,

I know how much everybody loves these live trade videos so I shot one today.

This was a great trade. However, it was a little tough and I didn’t end up hitting target. In this video you see something new though. You see me using the 15 min chart to manage my trade. This is a new way to manage trades that I have only begun doing recently. thanks tot he 15 min, I managed to pull pips from a trade that if taken on the 4hr would probably not have worked out.

Especially with current market conditions it is getting tough to get a full 70 pips on a trade. So I have started monitoring my trades on a 15 min chart. This allows me to spot possible reversals in the trend and get out before the price reverses and hits my stop.

This reversal trade was an awesome example of my utilization of the 15 min chart to trade the 4hr chart…. enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Live Reversal Trade Video (+45 pips)
  1. I much appreciated this short, real time transaction. Very helpful since it shows you “in action”, evaluating information as it becomes available – no after the fact, theoretical stuff. Thanks!

  2. Dear Nick this was extremely useful for me to see, thanks. Very much revealing. What do you think about the market in this past 1-2 weeks. Everything seems to go crazy.

  3. great post as always nick, definitely worth taking note of. sorry to digress from the post Nick, but i’ve been waiting for a reply from Fetor with regards to my request if i could do a bank transfer for your video course (i unfortunately live in Nigeria). He said he had to get in touch with you and give me a feedback, still xpecting.

  4. Hi Nick

    Thanks for the insight on how you manage your trade.I was interesteing to see that you swapped over to the 15min chart to follow it through and watch for breaks to the upside.

  5. Great video Nick .. but even better for me is that I traded this one pretty much exactly as you did.

    Entered at 147.60 (slightly conservative entry but I wanted to be sure it was under that 4hr candle mark) and took 1/2 out at 37 pips because something didn’t feel right with the momentum.

    I had to go out at this point so set SL to BE and that was hit but still, my thinking was in line with yours.

    Hooray, maybe there is hope for me as a trader after all!!

  6. Nice video Nick. The 4H chart is excellent for patterns, scalp lines and S/R areas. Can’t beat it. best trade off between noise and the bigger picture. But trading from it is like trying to park the QE2 in a bathtub. i also noticed on 15 Min you are looking at candle size and reversals candle by candle maybe you could do a video discussing the key candles how they tie in with each other by size and wicks. You did some of this in this video and that was helpful.

  7. Hi Nick

    Thanks for the insight on how you manage your trade.I was interesteing to see that you swapped over to the 15min chart to follow it through and watch for breaks to the upside

  8. Hi Nick, thanks for this video. These kind of recent vidoes give us the opportunity to look back in our own charts to see if we could have done the same and of cours we could have if we would have looked the same way an acted the same.
    Now lets try for ourselves!
    Bye Bye Gert

  9. Hi Nick, Excellent video. For me it has helped to pull all the loose ends together and given me a greater understanding of trade management. I quite often enter a trade and accumulate some pips and then lose them again due to poor management. That feels worse than not making any pips in the first place. I think I have finally got the message also about taking the pips on the table instead of holding on too long trying to reach a target when the ‘climate’ of the trade is changing. It has been a confidence booster too as I can also see where I am getting some bits right. Many thanks.

  10. Thanks Nick, for the step by step explanation. Gave valuable insight as to what we need to look for in a trade. As a newbie, I often exit prematurely. So, really appreciate your timely advice. Cheers

  11. Hey Nick. Thanks for taking the time to do these for us. Each video u do is full of nuggets of information that are hard to get any other way than watching a live trade with your comments. Thanks again

  12. Nick,
    Great video, thanks for all the help. Did you choose that entry point because it was the last bullish candle ont the up move or are there other factors that come it to play?

  13. I notice this is an old video judging by the posted comments. Is this still your trade management style? Very interesting video, thanks. Perhaps you could post dates if you make any more so we know how your style changes to makret dynamics. Thanks again.