GBP/JPY Live Reversal Trade Video (+45 pips)

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Hey guys,

I know how much everybody loves these live trade videos so I shot one today.

This was a great trade. However, it was a little tough and I didn’t end up hitting target. In this video you see something new though. You see me using the 15 min chart to manage my trade. This is a new way to manage trades that I have only begun doing recently. thanks tot he 15 min, I managed to pull pips from a trade that if taken on the 4hr would probably not have worked out.

Especially with current market conditions it is getting tough to get a full 70 pips on a trade. So I have started monitoring my trades on a 15 min chart. This allows me to spot possible reversals in the trend and get out before the price reverses and hits my stop.

This reversal trade was an awesome example of my utilization of the 15 min chart to trade the 4hr chart…. enjoy!

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