GBP/JPY trade from the weekly analysis EXIT

Based on price action i would say now is a goo time to exit. Current level is about 198.15 and the trade was worth 80-100 pips. I will release a trade update vid for this trade tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “GBP/JPY trade from the weekly analysis EXIT
  1. Hey Nick, been mostly away again for a couple weeks, just popping in here and there, but not able to give enough concentration to trade. I have a hard time focusing on forex when I have to work to earn a living . . . I am now going thru the last few vids, and you had said you would do one about the big drop that happened. I can’t find that one anyplace. I would just like to see what made you enter for that big drop and when and why. If you did that vid, please let me know where I could now find it, if not no worries you owe us NOTHING.

    This trade looks like it would have been great for 50-70 on the first half, and thanks for letting us know that you think it was time to exit at about 120 profit on the second half.


  2. hi nick and all,

    I took that trade for 70 pips on 1 order. just love your work been playing in your forum for about 2 months now and this is my first attempt at replying to one of these, i hope it works. i cant possibly describe how much my trading has improved. been at this thing for 2 years full time up un till now i have only met shysters. The fact that you can give calls ahead of time proves that you are the real deal as none of the other conmen and women ever did because it wouldnt have taken long for us to figure out what they where (f@#$$#@ lying dog c@#$%). the only time i seem to get annoyed or wound up now is when i keep missing trades that i have identified but wasnt able to take as i wasnt infront of the charts when they broke through supp/ress. If your going to have problems trading i guess mine are the best problems to have so thanks for them,

    cheers dave

  3. Got ma P’s with B’s mixed up here, but who cares right? :) Fantastic trade, when do we exit though? :)