How to Trade Forex Using Price Action (Webinar)

Forex trading is complex.

But what if you could simplify Forex, making it easier to trade, less stressful, and low maintenance?

What if you could trade Forex from your smart phone?

Well In this free webinar I show you how to do that by using my powerful price action trading strategy.

Day One – Price Action Strategy

This is the first webinar in a three part series, this webinar covers the basics of my strategy, in the second webinar I delve deeper into my strategy and risk management.

What is price action trading?

Ever since I started trading Forex in 2004 I have used price action.

See, I tried using indicators but they just didn’t make sense to me, they lagged behind price and had me entering too late.

So I stared at my charts, for days, for weeks, trying to figure out what would happen next…

… And I started to see patterns, I saw that price moved in the same way over and over. I saw that Forex trading came down to one thing:

Once you understand that everything in Forex is about the struggle between buyers and sellers, you are one step closer to mastering your trading.

Why is price action trading so powerful?

Price action is in my opinion the most powerful way to trade Forex because unlike indicator based strategies, it does not lag.

Price action is about analysing what price is doing right now so you can make an educated assumption as to what it will do next.

One of the best things about trading price action is how it adapts to changing market conditions.

Like I said above, I have traded this strategy since 2004, and ever since then I have used the same basic strategy.

Of course over the years the strategy has been refined and perfected, but the basic concept remains the same…

… I use advanced candlestick analysis in combination with self-spotted support and resistance to take awesome trades consistently.

This strategy has seen it all, the financial crisis in 2008, the fears of China selling off its dollar holding in 2010, the Swiss Franc crisis in 2015, the list goes on.

Through all of this my strategy has chugged along making consistent profits year after year.

Arguably though, the best thing about price action is how simple it is:

Would you rather trade Forex using this chart?

Price action strategy

Or this chart?

indicator based strategies

That’s the difference between price action and indicators, one is clean and simple, the other is a mess.

And while that might not have mattered much before, these days a lot of trading is done via smart phones. With the limited screen real-estate you get on a smartphone, a simple strategy makes your life a whole lot easier.

So watch the webinar above and learn the basics of my price action strategy.

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10 thoughts on “How to Trade Forex Using Price Action (Webinar)
  1. Thanks Nick. No way that I can make your webinars so I really appreciate that you have put the recording so fast. Many thanks for your sensible information. John

  2. Hello, nick,
    your strategy is easy and simple to understand…. I have a que related to price action strategy?
    is this strategy can be used in commodities market to.. ?