Scalp Line at 198.05

Hey guys,

Just wanted to point this line out again, we got another strong bounce and reversal from it yesterday so it looks like a very strong line. Be sure to be on the look out for a break of the line, it should be good, if you can set chart alarms do so. I have a feeling you won’t want to miss this break!

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17 thoughts on “Scalp Line at 198.05
  1. Should we treat this as a Normal support line since it bounce Twice? Or treat it like a quick scalp still?

  2. Hy Nick,

    Don’t you think that the ideal entry was at 199 line because of the pin bar on the one hour chart?
    And one more thing, that 198.05 shouldn’t be treated like normal support line with 70 SL and 70 TP?

    Thanks for the info!

  3. i’m stalking it and have alert set up for above it so i can be at pc when it hits. really appreciate you giving a reminder to members.

  4. Mike: I have absolutely no clue what a pin bar is and I see nothing at the 199. Are you looking at the 4 hr chart?

    Tony and Mike: no, scalp l;ines to nopt become S+R lines.

  5. What should be the exact point of entry?
    198.04,198,197.95,197.85 or any other point?
    Please specify.

  6. May I request you to have a look at GBP/USD? I shall be more than happy if you comment on that pair.

  7. Sambhunath Majumder »

    I do analysis only on GBP/JPY because I only trade GBP/JPY. I won’t do analysis for pairs I do not trade.

  8. Nick

    How will you treat the 198.38 level since it formed a swing point there today? will you ignore and focus on 198 level only?