Weekly Market Analysis 07.03.2022 – 11.03.2022

Hello guys, welcome to this weeks market analysis where we cover the setups that we are looking at for the upcoming week.



Weekly trade ideas and analysis:


GBP/AUD Active Trade:

We’ll start off this analysis with an active trade. This trade turned into a big winner as it is currently at 8:1.

Just like last week, we will not close out this trade yet as we are seeing no bullish price action. 




These are all AUD pairs with identical price action. On all the setups we got a break of the resistance area. This week we will wait for pullbacks back into the resistance areas, now turning support. If we get good price action at the areas, we’ll be looking for potential trades long. 

Note, as they are all AUD pairs with identical price action. We recommend that you only enter either one of them or you spread your risk among them. 







The previous week, we saw strong bearish momentum on this pair. We want to trade with this momentum, so we will wait for the price to push slightly lower and then make a pullback. If that happens, we’ll look for an entry short from the resistance area. 



We got two NZD potential setups with identical price action. 

After the price broke the resistance area, we will wait for a pullback and a potential entry long. 




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8 thoughts on “Weekly Market Analysis 07.03.2022 – 11.03.2022
  1. Hi, Nick,
    Thanks for the analysis.
    Hope I may ask you a question.
    Do you think it is useful to display prices as a line when marking support/resistance areas?

    Also, do you ever watch minor pairs? Currently USDDKK has broken through a resistance and may potentially reverse. I also like USDZAR, it has a huge volume and gets some nice movements, both short and long term.

    Thanks again

    1. Hey Eugene!
      I’m one of the two new traders that joined Nick’s team.
      The weekly analysis is posted mostly by me now, so I’ll answer your questions.

      I don’t completely understand your first question. But, I don’t look at numbers at all when placing S/R. I just look at the candles and place them based on that.

      And for your second question. I look at other pairs as well. I just never posted them. I guess it’s because Nick never did, so I didn’t either. But now that I think about it, I’ll post those as well.

      As for the mentioned setups:
      I like the USD/DKK. Definitely a potential trade long if we get a good pullback.

      I don’t see any setups on USD/ZAR though. It looks to be in a tight range between two S/R areas.


  2. Hello Vrext,
    Thank you for the analysis. I really like the way you do it and thanks to Nick for making this possible. Is really clear and usefull. Thanks a lot.