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Take a look at our Free Forex Tips and become a better Forex trader today. From trading psychology to trading strategies our free Forex tips are sure to help you achieves success in Forex.

Forex Tips – Advanced Master Candle Trading


Over the past few months my trading has been evolving. I have started looking away from simple S+R line trading and looking more at candles. Don’t get me wrong S+R lines still make up a big part of my trading but they have taken a back seat to candle patterns. This is because I have been delving into price action analysis. This is the analysis of the movement of price as it is happening. The

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How to Catch Big Forex Moves with Confidence


Don’t you just hate it when you look at the left hand side of your chart and see that a gigantic move of 100s of pips occurred, although you weren’t able to take advantage of it because you either didn’t see it coming or didn’t feel certain about getting in? I want to show you my formula for identifying and catching the big moves in forex. What causes the big moves in forex? Arguably the

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Forex Tips – Trading Reversals (part 1)


I have been very busy over the past 9 months. So I have been unable to pay Forex and forex4noobs.com as much attention as I would have liked. However, now I am finally back full time! So I am going to deliver on a promise I made long ago and do a FREE short video course on reversal trading. So check out the first video below. Trading Reversals Part 1 – The Basics

4 Sure-fire Forex Trading Tips That Will Make You a Better Trader


Trading is a tough business to break into. If you want to make it you need to build up a serious arsenal of tricks, strategies, and methods. So let me help you get started on the right path with 4 sure-fire tips that will help make you a better trader. 1. Start Small Baby Ok, you know the basics, you have been studying for a year, and now it is time to open a live

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Some Questions Answerd


Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick blog post to cover some of the questions I am asked via email. 1. Nick why is there no weekly analysis this week? I only do analysis when I am trading. If I am not trading for the week I do not do any analysis. There are many reasons I will not trade for a week or two. Right now I am moving to a new

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Forex Tips – Easier MT4 Indicator and EA Install


Hey Guys, Just a quick video here with a cool little MT4 tip which makes installing and managing indicators a lot easier. Hope this helps! Do you like this tip? Then leave a comment and say thanks! And Tweet about it or Facebook it. The more comments you leave, the more people will see it.

3 Reasons Why You Won’t Make as Much Profit as You Think You Will


Welcome to Forex, the land of easy money. By trading Forex you can become a millionaire overnight. Are you ready for it? Ok, time to wake up. Forex will not make you rich quick. If you are new to the Forex market and you think you have struck gold it is time for a reality check. I am not writing this to discourage you from trading. I am writing it to give you a more

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The 5 Stages to Becoming a Profitable Trader


Guest post by Kris Matthews I feel that something equally important as the strategy that one uses to trade with is psychology. Trading (especially forex) is not an easy profession and it can be disheartening when losses occur. I wanted to give you something to look forward to so you know what’s required to become successful. Traders often pass through a series of 5 stages before becoming successful. In order, these are: 1. Unconscious Incompetence-

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Shady Forex Brokers – Don’t Get Scammed


Recently I visited a Forex anti-scam forum and I was literally shocked by how many people get scammed by their brokers. These brokers take your money, allow you to trade, but when it is time to cash out your money they give you nothing but excuses.

Chasing and Catching Falling Knives: How to Safely Achieve Forex Profits by Combining News with Technical Analysis


You’ve probably heard the advice to not “chase the market” but also heard the advice to not “catch falling knives.” The former refers to getting into a trade after price has already started moving very fast, while the latter refers to trying to buy at what one may think is the bottom of the market. So what does one do- buy dips or buy when price is moving up? Why do the things in life with largest potential rewards have to be so contradictory?

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