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Twitter Time – I will be posting to Twitter, add me!

I’m going to start tweeting
I am not much of a social networking guy. I check my Facebook once per month, I rarely tweet aside from auto-tweets sent when I make a blog post. I never really got the point of social networking phenomenon…

… But, I had to catch up with the times. It’s not like social networking is going away.

I mean, Twitter is really popular among traders, and Facebook is popular with what, Continue Reading  »

Life just gets in the way sometimes

I love running but sometimes life can get in the way…

… The last two months have been crazy for me. I decided I would move from Scotland to England. I went down to England to look for a house but did not find anything. In the end I had to find a place to rent. I was growing tired of the constant four hour train journeys from Scotland to England without finding a place. Continue Reading  »

Trading With 100% Certainty Webinar Part 2 – Candlestick Analysis

Forex Webinar
On Sunday the 4th of March at 9:00pm GMT I will be holding the next webinar in the “Trading With 100% Certainty” series.

Whats The Webianr About
I will be discussing the latest update to my Price Action strategy and how to enter trades with 100% certainty.

Trading with 100% certainty does not mean trading with a 100% success rate. It means using everything at your disposal to enter a trade with 100% confidence that it will work out. Continue Reading  »

Forex Webinar – Trading With 100% Certainty

Hey Guys,

On Sunday the 19th of February I will be holding a 1 hour long webinar starting at 8pm GMT. The webinar will be called ‘Trading With 100% Certainty’. I will be discussing the latest update to my Price Action strategy and how to enter trades with 100% certainty.

Usually I put up an email form and ask people to register for the webinar. This time I am going to try something a little different. Continue Reading  »

Advanced Support & Resistance Webinar

Hey guys,

I have been getting a lot of requests for another webinar.

So here it is!

On Tuesday the 15th of November I will be holding a webinar on:

Identifying Reversals With Support & Resistance

In this in-depth webinar I will show you how to use support and resistance to spot high probability trend reversal.

Date: Tuesday the 15th of November
Time: 10:30pm GMT

Registration Closed Continue Reading  »

Free Video Course Updated – Keeping a Trading Journal

I haven’t posted very much recently. I have been hard at work producing new video lessons for the FREE Plan, Prepare, and Make Pips video course!

I have just released a brand new set of lessons on Keeping a Trading Journal.

Sounds boring right? Well it isn’t!

Keeping a Trading Journal
In the lessons I show you the simple but powerful journal format I use myself. This trading journal format had been road tested by me and the members of the Super VIP so I know it works. Continue Reading  »

Grill Me on Reversal Trading

Sorry, this webinar is over four years old and I no longer have the recording. You can check out my latest webinar recordings here though.

Have you ever wanted to grill a full time trader on their method? Well, if you join me this Wednesday in my webibar, you can!

The problem with webinars is I couldn’t possibly answer or cover everything in a single webinar. So, after the hugely popular reversal trading webinar, Continue Reading  »

What a month….

I’m back

Have you experienced a moment in life when the veil drops and you have a moment of absolute clarity? Well I had one of those moments in which I realized I was not making the most of my career as a Forex trader. When I think about what trading Forex brings me one word pops to mind, can you guess what it is?…

If you guessed freedom you’re right. Forex brings me the freedom of being my own boss and setting my own work hours. Continue Reading  »

Free Advanced Forex Webinars

Earlier this week I wrote about the Price Action Webinar. Intentionally I did not give too many details as I had yet to decide on a a specific time. Well, I am finally ready to give some more details. From this week on I will be holding regular webinars covering a variety of topics. I will also be introducing some guest speakers to hold webinars.

How Often?
This is dependent on my schedule. Some times it will be twice per week, Continue Reading  »

Free Price Action Webinar

I have been a little busy the past week launching a new non Forex related website. As a result I have neglected the blog! So, to make it up to all of you I am going to start hosting some free Forex webinars. The first one will be held on Monday the 21st of March and it will be on price action trading.

Free Forex Course Update

Hey Guys,

Wow last weeks release of the course was hectic. I finally managed to add up the real numbers and it looks like 3173 traders signed up for the course. So much so that it ended up crashing the Forex4Noobs server and taking us offline for 5 hours! In the end I had to completely shut down course registration to ease the pressure on the server. Today I am reopening registration for 12 hours. So if you haven’t registered yet you have 12 hours to do so! Continue Reading  »

The Mentoring Winners

it took me a while to read through all the entries and select three of them as winners. I did not expect there to be so many!

Thank you everybody for entering as always there was many I wanted to choose. The short list came down to 34 comments! So it was a tough job removing 31 of them.

I finally selected the winners though, here they are in no particular order:

Thomas December 13, Continue Reading  »

Get Access to The Advanced Free Course Now

Hey Guys,

Have you heard about my new free Forex video course yet? If not, check out the previous post.

Get Access Before Everybody Else
Ok, down to business, I will be needing some beta testers for the course. So five lucky people will be given access to this awesome free course Wednesday of next week. If you’re one of these people your job is simple…

1. Watch the course and enjoy!
2. Continue Reading  »

Site Update

I will be updating the site over the next 2-3 days. The site has so much content so its a lengthy procedure and I need to run a lot of tests to ensure everything is working fine. If you notice dead links/pages or parts of the site that do not display correctly don’t worry. It is all part of the update procedure.

Mmmmmm, Don’t You Love The Sun?

Hey Guys,

Miss me?

Sorry for not posting an away message but I have just been busy lately. I could lie and say I had to attend to a very important matter but I won’t!

The truth is that Edinburgh is having some rare sunshine 25°C (77°F) so I thought I would spend some time exploring Scotland. Still missing my 40°C (104°F) Sydney days.

It looks like the markets have been going crazy anyway. While some traders prosper at times like these I don’t. Continue Reading  »

New Forex Market Clock

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we updated the Forex clock. It now is (as far as I can tell) the best Forex clock on the internet. It gives you even more information than before. The clock automatically detects your computers time and uses it to tell you at exactly what time each session closes in your timezone. Check out the changes now and enjoy.

Please make sure you have your computers clock set correctly. Continue Reading  »

New Price Action Analysis Course Breakdown

Hey Guys,

I am going to give stragglers a chance to enter so I will announce the 10 winners for a free copy at about 6pm-7pm US EST tonight.

Since I will be selling this I want to make sure everybody is happy with it. So I am releasing a fully detailed list in which I break down what will be in this course. The idea is to let me know if you’re happy with this or if you want more added. Continue Reading  »

How To Win A New Price Action Video Course

Hi guys,

You may remember that about two weeks ago I released a post asking if anybody had any interest in a new video course. The response was great over 90 people said they wanted the course! So I have decided to go ahead and do it.

I actually spent the past few days planning and today is my first days shooting. I have already knocked out the first 1 hours of video! This course is going to be huge 6-8 hours long with several live trade videos in it. Continue Reading  »

New Price Action Video Course?

Hey Guys,

I was just wondering if anybody was interested in a new video course on advanced price action candle stick analysis?

It seems to be a popular subject so I am considering putting together a 4-5 hour long course explaining it in extreme detail. Of course this like the other Forex4Noobs courses would be sold. It is 4-5 hours of video and it would take me 1-2 months of full time work to complete it. Continue Reading  »