Forex webinar recordings

My Forex webinars cover everything from my free price action strategy, to trading psychology. You can watch my Forex webinar recordings here, and you can ask me questions in the comments section.

How to Master Forex in 2017 in Five Steps (Live Webinar recording)

In this live webinar I give you a five step plan so that you can become a profitable trader in 2017. Getting started in the right place, with the right tools, and the right mindset will help to make 2017 a profitable trading year. See exactly how to do that in this webinar!

Do you want to become a profitable trader in 2017?
To be a great trader needs a lot of skills, you need to be cool under pressure, Continue Reading  »

How to enter trades at the right time – Training session

Do you struggle knowing when to enter a trade?
Well then you already know that finding a great trade setup is not enough. After you find the trade, you need to figure out where to enter. And that can be tough…

…If you enter the trade too early, you might be jumping into a false move. If you enter the trade too late, you miss out on a lot of pips.

Here is an example:
Me and Bob want to enter short on EUR/USD, Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action Trading Webinars – Three Day Blitz 2016

The Three Day Price Action Blitz is complete, and it has been the best year ever!

Wow, it was a fun three days for me, and while there were some stressful points, I really enjoyed hosting the webinars and sharing my Price Action techniques.

Before linking you to the recordings I want to make two very important announcements…

… The first is about trading psychology. I believe trading psychology is one of the hardest things for a Forex trader to master. Continue Reading  »

Trading my Price Action strategy on past data webinar

Watch me trade my strategy on GBP/USD
Yesterday I held one of the most enjoyable webinars I have ever done. For the first time in a long time, I was nervous trading…

… I was trading my strategy live, in front of several hundred people.

I was trading on past data, but it was forward trading, and it was very nerve wracking. I trade alone every week, and I am never nervous, it is just routine; Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action – How to Place Support & Resistance Areas

Placing support & resistance areas using price action
Last week I held a webinar on placing support and resistance areas in Forex. As usual with my webinars, it was not flashy or scripted. I just opened my charts and talked about price action.

Overall the webinar went well and I was able to place support and resistance areas on four pairs. I was able to share a lot of good tips.

However, many people in this webinar were asking off-topic questions, Continue Reading  »

How to Trade Forex Price Action: My Reversal Trading Strategy in Three Webinars

Do you want to see how I trade reversals with a 74% win rate?

Last week I held three webinars over the course of three days. In the webinars I showed you how I use my Forex price action strategy to spot and trade trend reversals. Below you will find a recording of these webinars.

Forex Price Action Trading
My Forex price action strategy is split into three parts.

First is the candlestick analysis. Candlestick analysis forms the basis of my strategy. Continue Reading  »

Price Action Trading Forex in Low Volatility Conditions

Last night I held a webinar on trading Forex in the currently low volatility conditions we are experiencing. Below you will find the webinar along with extra information.

In the last few months, Forex has fallen to a period of extremely low volatility. At the moment, volatility is going back up. However, it will be a long climb before volatility reaches mid 2013 levels again.

For me and the forum members, these conditions have been fantastic. Continue Reading  »

Learn Forex Trading – 3 Simple Steps to Identifying Support and Resistance

What is the most effective form of support and resistance in Forex?

Pivot points? No, pivot points are useless in Forex.

Fibonacci? Fibonacci is ok, but it has a very limited scope.

Trend lines? Trend lines work, but their effectiveness varies in different market conditions.

In Forex, horizontal support and resistance (support and resistance areas) is by far the most effective form of support and resistance.

Generally speaking, when you start to learn Forex trading, you aren’t taught about support and resistance areas. Continue Reading  »

Trading Less & Making More Using Higher Time Frames in Forex (Low-Maintenance Trading)

The other day I held a webinar about trading Forex on large time frames. Below you will find the webinar along with a lot of other information on large time frame trading.

High-maintenance trading SUCKS. It is always stressful, and it makes people – AND ME – feel uncomfortable, nervous, and rushed.

How can you learn to trade, or even trade comfortably, when trading is stressful and your charts require almost constant supervision?

You can’t.

That’s why I prefer a low-maintenance approach to trading. Continue Reading  »

Three Forex Price Action Webinars

Last week I held The 3 Day Price Action Challenge. A series of three webinars in which I shared some of my Price Action secrets, so you can start taking Price Action trades too. In the webinars I covered candlestick analysis, support and resistance, and how to trade reversals. Below you will find a recording of each of these webinars. Watch them all and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment form below. Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action Basics – Trading Reversals

On Wednesday I held the last webinar in the 3 Day Price Action Challenge. In the webinar I explained how to use Candlestick Analysis and Support and Resistance together to trade reversals. In case you missed the first two webinars you can watch the first one here and the second one here.

In this webinar we ran out of time, so I was not able to explain how you can use Price Action to close bad trades out early. Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action Basics – Support & Resistance

Last night I held the second webinar in the 3 Day Price Action Challenge.

Unfortunately, during the webinar I was not able to cover everything I wanted to cover. I got a little distracted and sidetracked as I had to stop to answer questions. I feel like I didn’t do the best job at explaining how to place support and resistance on AUD/USD….

…So I added an extra video at the end of the webinar in which I place support and resistance on USD/CAD. Continue Reading  »

Trading Less & Making More Using Higher Timeframes

There were a few distractions in this webinar, so I did not cover everything I wanted to get through. However, I still shared a lot of good content.

In the webinar I share my Price Action techniques for trading high time frame charts. I cover trading 8hr and Daily charts.

A lot of people in the webinar wanted more information on my support and resistance area placements. I share my support and resistance for free on this pageContinue Reading  »

How to Trade Forex Price Action (Learn How to Take Awesome Reversal Trades)

This week I held three Price Action webinars showing you how to use Price Action to trade reversals in Forex.

(If you missed the webinars – I showed you how you can harness Price Action to take awesome reversal trades and make consistent profits. The techniques I shared require no indicators and very little chart time).

How to Use Price Action to Trade Reversal Trades (With Up to 80% Accuracy)
Today, I’m giving you my Price Action secrets. Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action – Forex Education Friday

In today’s lesson I’m going to show you one of the core techniques in price action analysis. It is a technique I use every week to take successful trades in Forex.

Forex Price Action Webinar
I shot this webinar a few weeks ago but I never released it on forex4noobs. In the webinar I went over one of the most basic but most consistent and useful candlestick patterns.

So if you want to see the call price action technique that I use, Continue Reading  »

Support & Resistance – Forex Education

How to place support and resistance
In today’s lesson I am going to show you how to place support and resistance. Support and resistance is used to accurately identify areas in which there are large groups of buyers, or sellers. Support and resistance areas are used by banks, and hedge funds to trade Forex. Trading the way banks trade, is one of the most efficient ways to trade.

To find out what support and resistance is and how to place it watch this video. Continue Reading  »

Free Forex Chartroom- Forex Education Friday

I was so busy setting up the new Forex chatroom this week I had no time to shoot the Forex Education video.

The video below is a bit of a cop out but it is worth a watch as I show you the new free chatroom and how to access it.

I will be in the chat room most week days starting next week. I will be sharing my strategy, my trades and general Forex tips. Continue Reading  »

Forex Fear of Uncertainty – Forex Education Friday

I todays lesson I am going to be showing you a simple three step process to help you overcome fear of uncertainty.

In Forex fear of uncertainty can be crippling.

Your probably know the feeling.

You see a really good set up that you want to enter.

But then you start to over analyse the setup. You concentrate on all the negative outcomes…..

Soon enough you cannot pull the trigger on the trade.

Well in this video I show you how to overcome fear of uncertainty. Continue Reading  »

Forex Education Friday – Get Rich Slow

Forex Education Friday
Today I am launching a brand new series of videos called Forex Education Friday.

Every Friday I will be bringing you a Forex education video. I will discuss a variety of topics from price action strategies to trading psychology and general Forex tips.

Get Rich Slow in Forex
Recently I have been seeing a lot of over-hyped products being advertised by Forex marketers.

Just like all scam products they tell inexperienced traders that they can get rich quick in Forex. Continue Reading  »